• Youth members break into teams based on interest and are assigned an experienced mentor
    • Discuss issues until the decide upon a main idea
    • Half of committee will write a Bill
    • Other half writes amendments to improve this Bill
    • Bills are debated in the House of Representatives in QLD Parliament
    • Bills which are passed will be delivered to QLD Parliament for consideration
  • Encourage enjoyable and interesting community involvement

    • Youth members break into groups based on interest and geography
    • Committees are assigned a mentor
    • Discuss problems within their community, and tackle them at a personal level
    • Past Committees have worked with Family Planning QLD and Drug Arm
    • Other Committees have chosen to use their own resources
    • Challenges of working with new people and new skills
    • QYP aims to provide a supportive community
    • Two recreation officers and entire executive aims to put participants first
    • Encouragement to develop speaking and listening skills crucial to being a leader

The YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament is a Queensland Studies Authority accredited educational program for young people residing in Queensland - this means that young people currently in Year 11 or Year 12 who undertake the YMCA QYP program will receive one (1) point towards their Queensland Certificate of Education upon their successful completion of the program! 

For well over a decade QYP has been providing an apolitical environment where participants can engage with community issues as Youth Representatives of Parliament. As well as providing an important link for Youth to influence real levels of Government, QYP is a fantastic opportunity for participants to improve confidence through interacting with other like-minded young people of varying backgrounds and opinions. There are three main facets to the program; Parliament, Community Engagement and Personal Development. All three aspects are facilitated throughout the program by the Executive to accomplish the ultimate aim of building better communities by building the leaders of tomorrow in Body, Mind and Spirit.



To begin the parliamentary aspect of the program, Youth Members break into Committees based on an area of interest and are assigned a mentor experienced in parliamentary protocol and legislative writing. Committees then discuss issues, which they feel need to be tackled until they strike upon something the entire committee would like to debate in Queensland Parliament House. At this point the Committee will break in half so that one side will write a Bill (the Sponsoring Team) and another side writes amendments to improve this Bill (the Refuting Team). Once these have all been written, Youth Members will assemble in Brisbane for one week in the September-October mid-semester break and argue for and against their ideas in the Legislative Assembly of Queensland's Parliament. Youth Bills that are passed by the Youth Parliament will be signed by the Youth Governor and passed onto the Members Queensland Parliament for consideration.


Similar to the Parliamentary Committees, Youth Members once again break into smaller groups based both on interest and also on their region of Queensland, to encourage cooperation between Youth Members within certain areas of Queensland. Each Regional Committees is assigned a mentor and together will identify and discuss problems and issues within their community and devise practical action plans to respond and address these issues. In the past committees have worked with groups such as Family Planning Queensland and Drug Arm, whereas other committees have chosen to set up various events or infrastructure using their own resources. The main aim is to encourage greater community involvement on any level, and show Youth Members how easy and enjoyable these activities are and how integral they are in supporting meaningful change in the community.



While the challenges of working with new people and learning new skills lend themselves to personal development, QYP aims to provide a supportive community in which participants can build these skills. As well as the Recreational Officers specifically dedicated to the emotional wellbeing and self-confidence of participants, the entire Executive team always aims to put participant's personal development first. Participants are encouraged to "Get Amongst It!" and take every opportunity provided to help develop their public speaking skills and more importantly, their ability to listen and learn from each other. Additionally by supporting an apolitical environment, every participant is given the opportunity to self - determination and expression, free to reflect and develop his or her own ideas and values away from partisan influence.