Who can be involved?

Anyone aged 15-25 who regularly breathes in and out can nominate for QYP. All you need to have a great time in the program is some enthusiasm – we’ll teach you all you need to know about parliamentary debate, Bill writing, dealing with the media and more! Like the real Queensland Parliament, however, we can only select so many Youth Members, so if you miss out on your first attempt, we’d love to hear from you again the year after.”


1. Launch Weekend

Held over three days in Brisbane where Youth Members can meet for the first time to form committees and discuss ideas. The program also has its official launch held at Queensland Parliament House.

2. Meetings Phase

Committees meet either in person, via phone or via internet to write their Bills and design and implement community action plans. GoogleApps is used so that Youth Members can edit documents online and easily share ideas, which is ideal not only for rural Youth Members who may not be able to attend meetings in person, but for busy Youth Members who find it easier to contribute online.

3. Residential Sitting Week

Residential Week is where all Youth Members stay at YMCA Camp facilities at Petrie and go into Queensland Parliament House to debate Bills in the House of Representatives. Various social activities are also organised to ensure a fun, albeit busy, week for everyone.


30 January 2017

Nominations Opened

27 February 2017

Nominations Close

7 - 9 April 2017

Launch Weekend

5th August

Youth Governor's Ball

10 April - 23 September 2017

Meeting and Bill-Writing Phrase

24 - 30 September 2017

Residential Sitting Week


The YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament program initiative of the State Council of YMCA’s of Queensland Inc. and is operated by the YMCA of Brisbane. The YMCA oversees the running of the YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament and has done so since the program’s inception 22 years ago.

The Brisbane YMCA employs a coordinator who works with the Executive team to run the program. The Executive are a team of volunteers selected from past participants by a panel of the coordinator and the Youth Governor (who is elected by the executive and participants at residential each year).

The Executive which will oversee all operations of the YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament through various roles and encompasses 18 dynamic volunteers (all of whom are trained to work with young people and are licensed by The Commission For Children, Young People and The Child Guardian), aged between 15 to 25 years of age (inclusive), to ensure that this is truly a youth event; organised by youth, for youth.